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About Us

About Us
Hackney Wick Co

Our Story

Hackney Wick Co is a creative family business formed in 2014 by husband and wife – Sevban and Cigdem in Hackney, East London.

This is how our story started: We didn’t simply use candles for special occasions; we used them every day. However, we discovered that synthetically scented paraffin candles are harmful to the environment and human health. As a result, we set out to find an eco-friendly, non-chemical, long-burning candle market. Unfortunately, there was a significant lack in this market, so we decided to start our own chemical-free, all-natural, and budget-friendly candle company. Our source

In East London, we first began sourcing small independent health stores. And now due to high consumer and health store demand, we have over 150 shops both inside and outside of London.
Our goal has always been to create affordable, environmentally responsible, and healthful candles.

Every Hackney Wick Co candle has a unique story behind it, and each candle is designed to serve distinct well-being needs.
Each scent affects your health in a particular way. Because we believe that everyone deserves a candle that smells good, lasts a long time, is eco-friendly, and is healthy.

We always keep our carbon foot print as low as possible. We choose our sources locally and in UK. We work with carbon neutral delivery companies to keep our candles pure and environment friendly in every way.

Our cruelty-free and vegan candles are contained in amber jars with cotton wicks produced in Hackney. Our scents are all natural and will improve your sleep, reduce stress, increase energy, and improve your mood.

We hope that our candles help you find peace and pleasure.

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